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Montrose - Montrose (1973)

Montrose - Montrose (1973)

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Side 1
1. "Rock the Nation" (Ronnie Montrose)   3:03
2. "Bad Motor Scooter" (Sammy Hagar)   3:41
3. "Space Station #5" (Hagar, Montrose)   5:18
4. "I Don't Want It" (Hagar, Montrose)   2:58

Side 2
5. "Good Rockin' Tonight" (Roy Brown)   2:59
6. "Rock Candy" (Denny Carmassi, Bill Church, Hagar, Montrose)   5:05
7. "One Thing on My Mind" (Hagar, Montrose, J. Sanchez)   3:41
8. "Make It Last" (Hagar)   5:31

Montrose Band Members / Musicians
Sammy Hagar – lead vocals
Ronnie Montrose – guitar
Bill Church – bass guitar
Denny Carmassi – drums

Montrose is the debut album by the American hard rock band Montrose released in 1973 on the Warner Bros. label. It was produced by Ted Templeman. The album marks the recording debut of vocalist Sammy Hagar, who would later achieve international success as a solo artist and member of Van Halen.

Montrose was a California-based hard rock band formed in 1973 and named after guitarist and founder Ronnie Montrose. The band's original lineup featured Montrose and vocalist Sammy Hagar, who later gained greater fame as a solo artist and as a member of Van Halen. Rounding out the original foursome were bassist Bill Church and drummer Denny Carmassi. The group disbanded in early 1977.

Montrose Band Members / Musicians
Ronnie Montrose – guitar (1973–1977, 1987)
Denny Carmassi – drums (1973–1977)
Sammy Hagar – vocals (1973–1975)
Bill Church – bass (1973–1974)
Alan Fitzgerald – bass (1974–1976)
Bob James – vocals (1975–1977)
Jim Alcivar – keyboards (1975–1977)
Randy Jo Hobbs – bass (1976)
Glenn Letsch – bass (1987)
Johnny Edwards – vocals (1987)
James Kottak – drums (1987)

Montrose Discography Full
1973 Montrose
1974 Paper Money
1975 Warner Bros. Presents
1976 Jump on It
1987 Mean

Compilation albums
The Very Best of Montrose (2000)
An Introduction to : Montrose (2019)

"Rock the Nation"
"I Got the Fire"
"Bad Motor Scooter"
"Make It Last"
"Rock the Nation"
"Space Station Number 5" / "Good Rockin' Tonight"

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