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Montrose - Warner Bros. Presents (1975)

Montrose - Warner Bros. Presents (1975)

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"Matriarch" (Alcivar, Carmassi, Fitzgerald, James, Montrose) – 4:33

"All I Need" (Alcivar, Carmassi, Fitzgerald, James, Montrose) – 4:21

"Twenty Flight Rock" (Eddie Cochran, Ned Fairchild) – 2:43

"Whaler" (Alcivar, Carmassi, Fitzgerald, James, Montrose) – 6:54

"Dancin' Feet" (Montrose, James) – 4:05

"O Lucky Man!" (Alan Price) – 3:11

"One And a Half" (Montrose) – 1:36

"Clown Woman" (Montrose) – 4:21

"Black Train" (Kendall Kardt, Arthur Richards, Martin Fried) – 4:34


Montrose Band Members / Musicians

Bob James – lead vocals

Ronnie Montrose – guitar

Jim Alcivar – keyboards

Alan Fitzgerald – bass

Denny Carmassi – drums

Novi Novog – viola

Warner Bros. Presents is the 3rd album by the California-based hard rock band Montrose, released on Warner Bros. Records in September 1975.

It is the first Montrose album released after the departure of singer Sammy Hagar and also the first not produced by Ted Templeman. Bob James, an unknown vocalist and songwriter from the South Bay area of Los Angeles who had been singing in a Montrose cover band, was chosen as Hagar's successor in early 1975. Another newcomer from Los Angeles, Jim Alcivar, joined the band on keyboards, making this the first Montrose album to feature a keyboardist as a full member of the band. At this juncture guitarist band leader Ronnie Montrose parted ways with Ted Templeman and chose to self-produce the album.

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