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Mott the Hoople - Mad Shadows (1970)

Mott the Hoople - Mad Shadows (1970)

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Side one

"Thunderbuck Ram" (Mick Ralphs) – 4:50

"No Wheels to Ride" – 5:50

"You Are One of Us" – 2:26

"Walkin' with a Mountain" – 3:49

Side two

"I Can Feel" – 7:13

"Threads of Iron" (Ralphs) – 5:12

"When My Mind's Gone" – 6:31

Mott the Hoople Band Members / Musicians

Ian Hunter – lead vocals (tracks 2-5, 7-9), co-lead vocals (6), piano, rhythm guitar

Mick Ralphs – lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals (track 1), co-lead vocals (6)

Pete "Overend" Watts – bass, backing vocals

Dale "Buffin" Griffin – drums, backing vocals

Verden Allen – organ, backing vocals

Guy Stevens – "psychic" piano, "spiritual" percussion

Guy Stevens – producer

Andy Johns – engineer

Ginny Smith, Peter Sanders – cover design

Gabi Naseman – front cover photography

Mad Shadows was the 2nd album by Mott the Hoople. It was recorded in 1970 and released in the UK on Island Records in September 1970 and in the US by Atlantic Records. It was subsequently re-released by Angel Air in 2003. As with their debut album, it was produced by Guy Stevens.

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