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Pat Travers - Heat in the Street (1978)

Pat Travers - Heat in the Street (1978)

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Side One

"Heat In The Street" - 4:29 (Lesser, Travers)

"Killer's Instinct" - 5:09 (Lesser, Travers)

"I Tried To Believe" - 5:05 (Travers)

"Hammerhead" - 3:04 (Cowling, Travers)

Side Two

"Go All Night" - 3:58 (Travers)

"Evie" - 4:14 (Harry Vanda, George Young)

"Prelude" - 3:39 (Travers)

"One For Me And One For You" - 6:12 (Travers)

Pat Travers Band Members / Musicians

Tommy Aldridge - drums

Peter 'Mars' Cowling - bass guitar

Pat Thrall - guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals

Pat Travers - guitar, keyboard, vocals

Heat in the Street is a rock album by the Pat Travers Band. It was released in 1978 on Polydor Records. It is the first with the most popular of Travers' band line-ups, Travers on guitar, Peter "Mars" Cowling on bass guitar, Pat Thrall also on guitar and Tommy Aldridge on drums.

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