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Pat Travers - Putting It Straight (1977)

Pat Travers - Putting It Straight (1977)

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Side One

"Life in London" - 4:22

"It Ain't What It Seems" - 4:13

"Speakeasy" - 3:18

"Runnin' from the Future" - 3:47

"Lovin' You" - 4:03

Side Two

"Off Beat Ride" - 4:36

"Gettin' Betta" - 4:45 (Peter Cowling, Travers)

"Dedication Parts 1 & 2" - 7:55

Pat Travers Band Members / Musicians

Peter 'Mars' Cowling - bass

Nicko McBrain - drums

Pat Travers - guitar, keyboard, vocals

Tony Carey - mini Moog on "Off Beat Ride"

Scott Gorham - additional guitar on "Speakeasy"

Bert Hermiston - saxophone on "Dedication" and "Off Beat Ride"

Susie McKinley - background vocals on "Lovin' You"

Putting It Straight is a rock album by Pat Travers. It was released in 1977 on Polydor Records.

The songs were listed on the back cover of the album in a different sequence than on the original LP pressing. Some later CD versions had the songs in the incorrect order as listed on the back cover. "Getting' Betta" was a track that was often played in Travers' late 70s sets and "Dedication" remains a stand out song on the album.

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