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Sunstorm - House of Dreams (2009)

Sunstorm - House of Dreams (2009)

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"Divided" - 4:37 (James Martin, Tom Martin, Mikey Wilson)

"Don't Give Up" - 4:48 (J. Martin, T. Martin)

"The Spirit Inside" - 4:01 (J. Martin, T. Martin)

"I Found Love" - 3:59 (Joe Lynn Turner, Patrick Cowden Hyde)

"Say You Will" - 4:33 (Jim Peterik)

"Gutters of Gold" - 4:38 (Peterik)

"Save a Place (In Your Heart)" - 4:13 (Lynn Turner, James House, Neal Debrah L, Paul Sabu)

"Forever Now" - 4:16 (Lynn Turner, Bob Held)

"Tears on the Pages" - 4:35 (Jon Lind, Jim Peterik, Russ Ballard)

"House of Dreams" - 4:51 (J. Martin, T. Martin)

"Walk On" - 4:35 (Lynn Turner, Desmond Child)

"Standing in the Fire" - 4:15 (Joe Lynn Turner, Marc Muller) {Japanese edition bonus track}


Sunstorm Band Members / Musicians

Joe Lynn Turner - vocals, production

Dennis Ward - bass guitar, backing vocals, additional guitars, production, recording, mixing, mastering

Uwe Reitenauer - guitars

Gunther Werno - keyboards

Chris Schmidt - drums

Thorsten Koehne - solo guitars

Marco Bayati - additional solo guitar on "I Found Love"

Karl Cochran - vocals production

Serafino Perugino - executive producer

House of Dreams is the 2nd album by the AOR side project of former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner under the name Sunstorm. It was released by Frontiers Records in Europe on April 17, 2009. The album was then released in Japan with the exclusive bonus track "Standing in the Fire" on June 24, 2009.

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