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Suzi Quatro - Back to the Drive (2006)

Suzi Quatro - Back to the Drive (2006)

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1. "Back to the Drive"   4:31

2. "15 Minutes of Fame"   3:50

3. "Duality"   5:00

4. "I Don't Do Gentle"   4:24

5. "I'll Walk Through the Fire with You"   4:26

6. "Wasted Moments"   5:00

7. "Rockin' in the Free World"   4:57

8. "No Choice"   5:30

9. "Sometimes Love Is Letting Go"   4:35

10. "Dancing in the Wind"   4:51

11. "Free the Butterfly"   4:55

12. "Born Making Noise"   4:45

Suzi Quatro Band Members / Musicians

Suzi Quatro - bass guitar, lead vocals

Andy Scott - guitar, backing vocals, production

Len Tuckey - guitar

Steve Grant - various instruments, production

Paul Jones - harmonica

Andy Dowding - drums

Ray Beavis - saxophone

Toby Gucklhorn - trombone. (Note that "Gucklhorn" is misspelt "Guckelhorn" in this album's booklet. It is spelled correctly in the booklet for In the Spotlight)

Dick Hanson - trumpet

Bruce Bisland - drums

Reg Webb - piano, backing vocals

Kate Webb - backing vocals

Laura Tuckey - backing vocals, duet vocals on "I'll Walk Through the Fire with You"

Shirlie Roden - backing vocals

Back to the Drive is the 11th studio album by Suzi Quatro. Released in March 2006, it was her comeback album, and her first since 1990's Oh Suzi Q. (apart from 1995's What Goes Around, which contained mostly re-recordings of her oldies, and 1998's Unreleased Emotion which had been recorded in 1983, but until then unreleased). Produced by Sweet guitarist Andy Scott and Steve Grant with input from Quatro's classic era producer Mike Chapman, this release features backing vocals by Shirlie Roden, ex-husband Len Tuckey on guitar, and includes her daughter, Laura Quatro (then Laura Tuckey), duetting with her on the download-only single "I'll Walk Through the Fire With You".

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