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Suzi Quatro - Free the Butterfly (1999)

Suzi Quatro - Free the Butterfly (1999)

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Free the Butterfly is an "inner experience" self-help album by Suzi Quatro and Shirlie Roden, which uses music and movement as a healing therapy. The pair have appeared together at workshops and Mind, Body & Spirit festivals. Speaking of Roden, Quatro said: "She's a sound healer and she asked me to do some workshops with her, which I did, and it was quite an interesting experience." When asked if she found the exercise helpful in her own life, Quatro said: "Definitely, I think that, whenever you do something like that, you realize that most people really have the same kind of problems.", adding "I feel I have to do this, I have to give something back". The work is based on the idea of the "School of Life".

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