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Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw (2008)

Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw (2008)

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"Introduction" (David Boulter) – 3:32

"Yesterdays Tomorrows" (Boulter, Stuart Staples) – 3:49

"The Flicker of a Little Girl" (Staples) – 3:30

"Come Feel the Sun" (Boulter, Staples) – 2:28

"E-Type" (Boulter) – 2:54

"The Other Side of the World" (Staples) – 4:12

"The Organist Entertains" (Boulter) – 2:33

"The Hungry Saw" (Staples) – 3:46

"Mother Dear" (Staples) – 4:19

"Boobar Come Back to Me" (Staples) – 3:58

"All the Love" (Staples) – 4:53

"The Turns We Took" (Boulter, Staples) – 5:29

Tindersticks Band Members / Musicians

David Boulter – pianos, organ, percussion and guitar

Neil Fraser – electric and acoustic guitars

Stuart A. Staples – vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion

Thomas Belhom – drums and percussion

Terry Edwards – trumpet, saxophones and brass arrangements

Joanne Fraser – flute

Caroline Hall – trombone

Sally Hibbert – violin

Calina de la Mare – violin and string arrangements on "The Other Side of the World"

Dan McKinna – bass guitars and vocals

Andy Nice – cello on "Come Feel the Sun" and "All the Love"

Suzanne Osborne – vocals on "All the Love"

Louise Peacock – violin

James SK Wān – ocarina

Julian Siegel – bass clarinet

Lucy Wilkins – lead violin and string arrangements on "The Other Side of the World", "The Organist Entertains" and "Mother Dear"

Sarah Willson – cello

The Hungry Saw is the 7th studio album by British alternative band Tindersticks, released on 28 April 2008 by Beggars Banquet Records. Following the release of the band's sixth album, Waiting for the Moon in 2003, Tindersticks had entered an extended hiatus before reconvening to perform at the Don't Look Back event in September 2006. This concert marked the final performance of the original line-up of the band, and three members left the group shortly afterwards. The remaining members of Tindersticks felt reinvigorated by the performance, and relocated to France to begin working on new material in the summer of 2007, recording and producing the album at their own Le Chien Chanceaux studio in Limousin. The Hungry Saw was the first new Tindersticks material in five years.

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