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Tindersticks - Waiting for the Moon (2003)

Tindersticks - Waiting for the Moon (2003)

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"Until the Morning Comes" (Hinchliffe, Tindersticks) – 3:34

"Say Goodbye to the City" (Staples, Hinchliffe, Tindersticks) – 4:30

"Sweet Memory" (Hinchliffe, Tindersticks) – 4:29

"4.48 Psychosis" (Words by Sarah Kane, from her play, 4.48 Psychosis, Tindersticks) – 5:13

"Waiting for the Moon" (Staples, Hinchliffe) – 2:51

"Trying to Find a Home" (Staples, Hinchliffe, Boulter, Tindersticks) – 5:44

"Sometimes It Hurts" (Staples, Tindersticks) – 4:39

"My Oblivion" (Staples, Tindersticks) – 7:00

"Just a Dog" (Staples, Boulter, Tindersticks) – 3:28

"Running Wild" (Staples, Tindersticks) – 4:14

Tindersticks Band Members / Musicians

Stuart Staples – vocals, guitar

David Boulter – keyboards

Neil Fraser – guitar

Dickon Hinchliffe – violin

Mark Colwill – bass

Alistair Macaulay – drums

Gina Foster – vocals

Colin McCan – timpanis

Terry Edwards – trumpet (on track 2)

Lhasa de Sela – vocal duet (on track 7)

Steve Sidwell – trumpet

Neil Sidwell – trombone

Jamie Talbot – tenor saxophone

Deve Bishop – baritone saxophone

Lucy Wilkins, Calina De La Mare, Gillon Cameron, Anna Morris, Howard Gott, Ruth Gottlieb, Christopher Koh, Jacqueline Norrie, Louise Peacock, Wendy de St. Pear, Fiona Brice, Brian Wright, Catherine Browning, Sarah Button, David Williams – violins

Robert Spriggs, Naomi Fairhurst, Emily Frith, Fiona Griffith, Vincent Greene, Sophie Sirota, Rebecca Ware, Reiad Chibahm Lucy Theo – violas

Sarah Wilson, Andrew Nice, Chris Mansell, Oliver Kraus, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge – cellos

Waiting for the Moon is the 6th studio album (or the eighth if including the soundtracks Nenette et Boni and Trouble Every Day) by Tindersticks. Recorded between September 2001 and January 2003 at Great Linford Manor, Eastcote and various home studios, the long-player was released on the Beggar's Banquet label in 2003. This was the last Tindersticks album to feature the band's original lineup before their extended hiatus and subsequent departure of half the band. Tindersticks member David Boulter later selected it as his least favorite Tindersticks album, remarking: "It has a feeling of something that was lost—the feeling that the band hadn't been great for a couple of albums."

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