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Blink-182 - Blink-182 (2003)

Blink-182 - Blink-182 (2003)

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1. "Feeling This"   2:53

2. "Obvious"   2:43

3. "I Miss You"   3:47

4. "Violence"   3:39

"Stockholm Syndrome Interlude" (pre-gap hidden track)   1:41

5. "Stockholm Syndrome"   2:42

6. "Down"   3:03

7. "The Fallen Interlude" (Hoppus, DeLonge, Barker, and Sick Jacken)   2:13

8. "Go"   1:53

9. "Asthenia"   4:20

10. "Always"   4:12

11. "Easy Target"   2:20

12. "All of This" (Hoppus, DeLonge, Barker, and Robert Smith)   4:40

13. "Here's Your Letter"   2:55

14. "I'm Lost Without You"   6:22

Total length:   49:16

Blink-182 Band Members / Musicians

Mark Hoppus – bass guitar, vocals

Tom DeLonge – guitar, vocals

Travis Barker – drums, percussion; backing vocals on "Obvious"; whispers on "Down"

Robert Smith – vocals on "All of This"

Ron "Menno" Froese – guitar, vocals on "The Fallen Interlude"

Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. – keyboards

John Morrical – additional keyboards on "All of This", assistant engineer

Ken Andrews – additional instrumentation on "Violence" and "Obvious"

Joanne Whalley – spoken words on "Stockholm Syndrome Interlude"

Max Gramajo – cover illustration (with Blink-182)

Estavan Oriol – photography

Sonny Flats – design, layout

Scandalous – design, layout

Mr. Cartoon – design, layout

Jerry Finn – producer, mix engineer of "Feeling This", "The Fallen Interlude", "Asthenia", and "Here's Your Letter"

Sick Jacken – producer of "The Fallen Interlude"

Nikos Constant – producer

Moises Velez – producer

Tom Lord-Alge – mix engineer of "Obvious", "I Miss You", "Down", and "All of This"

Andy Wallace – mix engineer of "Violence", "Stockholm Syndrome", "Go", and "Easy Target"

Ryan Hewitt – mix engineer of "Always" and "I'm Lost Without You", engineer

Ron "Menno" Froese – engineer @ Ayaic Studio of "The Fallen Interlude"

Sam Boukas – assistant engineer

James McCrone – assistant engineer

Alan Mason – assistant engineer

Seth Waldman – assistant engineer

Steve Sisco – assistant engineer

Femio Hernandez – assistant engineer

Brian Gardner – mastering engineer

Blink-182, also known as Untitled, is the self-titled 5th studio album by the American rock band Blink-182, released on November 18, 2003 by Geffen Records. Following their ascent to stardom and success of their prior two releases, the trio was compelled to take a break and subsequently participated in various side projects (Box Car Racer and Transplants). When they regrouped, they felt inspired to approach song structure and arrangements differently on their next effort together.

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