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Buzzcocks - All Set (1996)

Buzzcocks - All Set (1996)

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1. "Totally From The Heart"   2:45

2. "Without You"   2:59

3. "Give It To Me"   3:22

4. "Your Love"   2:23

5. "Point Of No Return"   2:20

6. "Hold Me Close"   4:02

7. "Kiss 'N' Tell"   2:35

8. "What Am I Supposed To Do"   3:22

9. "Some Kinda Wonderful"   2:19

10. "What You Mean To Me"   3:20

11. "Playing For Time"   3:43

12. "Pariah"   3:16

13. "Back With You"   4:12

Bonus tracks Japan

14. "Holding Me Down"   3:53

15. "Television World"   3:50

16. "Everyday Sky"   3:40

Buzzcocks Band Members / Musicians

Pete Shelley – guitar, vocals

Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals

Tony Barber – bass

Philip Barker – drums

Neill King – production

All Set is the 5th studio album by English pop punk band Buzzcocks. After standardising their line-up of vocalists and guitarists Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, bassist Tony Barber, and drummer Phil Barker for the band's previous album Trade Test Transmissions (1993), the band's first record since their reunion in 1989, the band toured relentlessly which inspired the band–especially Shelley–to create a new album. Hiring longtime punk rock producer Neil King to produce and engineer All Set, the band recorded in Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, a studio where then-huge pop punk bands like Green Day, to whom Buzzcocks had been a big influence, had recently recorded music engineered by King.

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