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Buzzcocks - Modern (1999)

Buzzcocks - Modern (1999)

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1. "Soul on a Rock"   4:00

2. "Rendezvous"   3:35

3. "Speed of Life"   4:32

4. "Thunder of Hearts"   2:56

5. "Why Compromise?"   3:32

6. "Don't Let the Car Crash"   4:28

7. "Runaround"   3:27

8. "Doesn't Mean Anything"   2:49

9. "Phone"   3:02

10. "Under the Sun"   3:31

11. "Turn of the Screw"   2:38

12. "Sneaky"   2:20

13. "Stranger in Your Town"   2:25

14. "Choices"   3:31

Buzzcocks Band Members / Musicians

Pete Shelley – guitar, vocals

Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals

Tony Barber – bass

Philip Barker – drums

Modern is the 6th studio album by English pop punk band Buzzcocks. After the critical success of the band's previous album All Set (1996), the band became disillusioned with trying to be a rock band and set out to become more "modern," thus birthing the project. Recording the album in Chipping Barnet with the band's bassist Tony Barber producing, Modern sees a strong electronic music influence, with electronic instruments and drum machines featuring on the songs, especially those written by Steve Diggle, who wrote five of the album's songs whilst Pete Shelley wrote the other eight songs.

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