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Firewind - Burning Earth (2003)

Firewind - Burning Earth (2003)

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"Steal Them Blind" – 4:58

"I Am the Anger" (Chastain, Gus G.) – 3:45

"Immortal Lives Young" – 6:50

"Burning Earth" (Chastain, Gus G.) – 4:00

"The Fire and the Fury" (instrumental) (Gus G.) – 5:24

"You Have Survived"– 5:26

"Brother's Keeper" – 4:40

"Waiting Still"– 4:04

"The Longest Day" (Chastain, Gus G.) – 5:20

"Still the Winds" – 2:13 (Japanese bonus track)

Firewind Band Members / Musicians

Stephen Fredrick – vocals

Gus G. – guitars, keyboards

Petros Christo – bass

Stian L. Kristoffersen – drums

Burning Earth is Firewind's 2nd album, released in 2003. The original rhythm section of Brian Harris and Konstantine were replaced by Stian Kristoffersen and Petros Christo, respectively. This was the last album to feature vocalist Stephen Fredrick, who left months after its release. Burning Earth, has been remastered and re-issued in Japan via Hydrant Music in 2012.

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