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Joe Jackson - Heaven & Hell (1997)

Joe Jackson - Heaven & Hell (1997)

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1. "Prelude"   2:59

2. "Fugue 1/More Is More" (Gluttony)   5:32

3. "Angel" (Lust)   7:11

4. "Tuzla" (Avarice)   7:33

5. "Passacaglia/A Bud and a Slice" (Sloth)   8:36

6. "Right" (Anger)   4:40

7. "The Bridge" (Envy)   5:59

8. "Fugue 2/Song of Daedalus" (Pride)   7:55


Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – piano, bongos on "Prelude", vocals on "Fugue 1/More is More", "Passacaglia/A Bud and a Slice" and "Fugue 2/Song of Daedalus", voice of Soul in Torment on "Angel", voices of Cynicism and Greed on "Tuzla"

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg – solo violin on "Prelude" and on "Fugue 2/Song of Daedalus"

Dawn Upshaw – voice of Angel on "Angel", voice of Forgetfulness on "Tuzla"

Suzanne Vega – voice of Fallen Angel on "Angel"

Mary Rowell – violin on "Angel"

Allison Cornell – viola on "Angel"

Sue Hadjopoulos – congas and bongos on "Angel" and on "The Bridge"

Joy Askew – voice of Conscience on "Tuzla"

Brad Roberts – vocals on "Passacaglia/A Bud and a Slice"

Judith LeClair – bassoon on "Passacaglia/A Bud and a Slice"

Dan Hickey – drums (left) on "Right"

Kenny Aronoff – drums (right) on "Right"

Jared Crawford – plastic buckets on Times Square

Jane Siberry – vocals on "The Bridge"

Mary Rowell, Laura Seaton, Sandra Park, Joyce Hammann, Todd Reynolds, Mark Feldman, Naomi Katz, Cenovia Cummins, James Tsao – violins

Juliet Haffner, Allison Cornell, David Blinn, Katherine Beeson, Mary Rowell – violas

Erik Friedlander, Stephanie Cummins, Richard Locker – cellos

William Sloat – acoustic bass

Joe Jackson – arrangements, producer, art direction, photography

Ed Roynesdal – co-producer

Dan Gellert – recording engineer

Rich Alvy – assistant recording engineer

Ted Jensen – mastering engineer

Mary Rowell – string section coordination

P.R. Brown – art direction

Jana Leön – photography

Heaven & Hell, released in 1997, is the 13th studio album by Joe Jackson, a musical interpretation and song cycle representing the seven deadly sins.

Billed to Joe Jackson & Friends; the friends included vocalists Dawn Upshaw ("Angel (Lust)"), Joy Askew ("Tuzla (Avarice)"), Suzanne Vega ("Angel (Lust)"), Brad Roberts from the Crash Test Dummies ("Passacaglia/A Bud and a Slice (Sloth)"), Jane Siberry ("The Bridge (Envy)"); and violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg ("Prelude", "Fugue 2/Song of Daedalus (Pride)").

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