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Joe Jackson - Night Music (1994)

Joe Jackson - Night Music (1994)

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1. "Nocturne No. 1"   4:01

2. "Flying"   2:48

3. "Ever After"   4:42

4. "Nocturne No. 2"   4:07

5. "The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy"   5:18

6. "Nocturne No. 3"   4:28

7. "Lullaby"   6:20

8. "Only the Future"   4:54

9. "Nocturne No. 4"   6:13

10. "Sea of Secrets"   5:28


Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson - piano, electric piano, organ, various synthesizers and samplers, celeste, accordion, tom-toms, bells, vibraphone, cymbals, Salvation Army bass drum and vocals

Mary Rowell - viola on "Nocturne No. 1", "The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy", "Only The Future" and "Nocturne No. 4", Violin on "Nocturne No. 4"

Jean Laurendeau - Ondes Martenot on "Nocturne No. 1" and "Sea of Secrets"

Taylor Carpenter - special guest vocalist on "Ever After"

Michael Morreale - trumpet on "Ever After"

Gary Burke - drums on "Ever After"

Máire Brennan - special guest vocalist on "The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy"

Dick Morgan - oboe on "Nocturne No. 3" and "Sea of Secrets"

Renée Fleming - special guest vocalist on "Lullaby"

Albert Regni - clarinet and bass clarinet on "Lullaby"

Graham Maby - bass guitar on "Only The Future"

Tony Aiello - flute on "Only The Future"

Mary Wootton - cello on "Nocturne No. 4"

Joe Jackson - arrangements, producer, sequencing

Ed Roynesdal - co-producer, recording engineer, sampling

Andi Grassi, Ken Thomas, Carl Glanville - recording engineer

Ted Jensen - mastering engineer

Len Peltier - art direction

Robert Flynt - photography

Night Music is the 12th studio album by Joe Jackson, released in 1994 on Virgin Records. The album did not chart. Soon after the album's release, Jackson moved to the Sony Classical label.

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