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Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (1979)

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (1979)

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1. "One More Time"   3:15

2. "Sunday Papers"   4:22

3. "Is She Really Going Out with Him?"   3:33

4. "Happy Loving Couples"   3:08

5. "Throw It Away"   2:49

6. "Baby Stick Around"   2:36

7. "Look Sharp!"   3:23

8. "Fools in Love"   4:23

9. "(Do the) Instant Mash"   3:12

10. "Pretty Girls"   2:55

11. "Got the Time"   2:52


Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – vocals, piano, harmonica

Gary Sanford – guitar

Graham Maby – bass

David Houghton – drums

Look Sharp! is the debut album by Joe Jackson, released in 1979. The album featured one of Jackson's most well-known songs, "Is She Really Going Out with Him?", as well as the title track "Look Sharp", "Sunday Papers", "One More Time" and "Fools in Love".

The cover, featuring a pair of white shoes, ranked number 22 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest album covers of all time.

In 2000, it was voted number 865 in Colin Larkin's All Time Top 1000 Albums.

David Ian "Joe" Jackson (born 11 August 1954) is an English musician and singer-songwriter. Having spent years studying music and playing clubs, he scored a hit with his first release, "Is She Really Going Out with Him?", in 1979. It was followed by a number of new wave singles, before he moved to more jazz-inflected pop music and had a Top 10 hit in 1982 with "Steppin' Out". Jackson is associated with the 1980s Second British Invasion of the US. He has also composed classical music. He has recorded 20 studio albums and received five Grammy Award nominations.

Joe Jackson Discography Full

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