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Joe Jackson - Volume 4 (2003)

Joe Jackson - Volume 4 (2003)

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1. "Take It Like a Man"   3:24

2. "Still Alive"   3:42

3. "Awkward Age"   3:20

4. "Chrome"   4:20

5. "Love at First Light"   4:08

6. "Fairy Dust"   3:47

7. "Little Bit Stupid"   3:26

8. "Blue Flame"   5:23

9. "Dirty Martini"   4:51

10. "Thugz 'R' Us"   3:23

11. "Bright Grey"   4:17

Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – piano, organ, electric piano, melodica, lead vocals

David Houghton – drums, backing vocals

Graham Maby – bass, backing vocals

Gary Sanford – guitar, backing vocals

Joe Jackson - arrangements, producer

Julie Gardner - recording engineer

Helen Atkinson - assistant recording engineer

Sean Slade, Paul Kolderie - mixing engineer

Juan Garcia - assistant mixing engineer

Ted Jensen, Nathan James - mastering engineer

Frank Orlinsky - art direction

Geoff Spear, Spencer Rowell, Tom Sheehan - photography

Volume 4 is the 16th studio album by British musician Joe Jackson, released in 2003. It was the first album to feature the Joe Jackson Band since the 1980 release, Beat Crazy, and it was Jackson's first rock 'n' roll album since Laughter and Lust, which was released in 1991. As before, the Joe Jackson Band consisted of Jackson, Graham Maby, David Houghton and Gary Sanford. Jackson said at the time that he expected the songs on the album to be "in the spirit of the first couple of albums, but with a bit of the greater maturity I'd like to think I've acquired. And I've still got a 32-inch waist — so I don't think it's going to be embarrassing".

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