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Joe Jackson - Night and Day II (2000)

Joe Jackson - Night and Day II (2000)

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1. "Prelude"   1:57

2. "Hell of a Town"   3:18

3. "Stranger Than You"   4:16

4. "Why" (vocals by Sussan Deyhim)   3:54

5. "Glamour and Pain" (vocals by Dale De Vere)   5:59

6. "Dear Mom"   4:12

7. "Love Got Lost" (vocals by Marianne Faithfull, Joe Jackson and Alexandra Montano)   6:59

8. "Just Because..."   4:45

9. "Happyland"   5:12

10. "Stay"   5:46


Joe Jackson Band Members / Musicians

Joe Jackson – piano, keyboards, synth basses

Mary Rowell, Todd Reynolds – violin

Ralph Farris – viola

Dorothy Lawson – cello

Graham Maby – bass guitar on "Glamour and Pain", "Love Got Lost" and "Just Because..."

Sue Hadjopoulos – percussion on "Prelude", "Hell of a Town", "Stranger Than You" and "Happyland"

Gary Burke – drum kit on "Love Got Lost"

Sussan Deyhim, Dale De Vere, Marianne Faithfull, Alexandra Montano – vocals

Joe Jackson – arrangements, producer, sequencing

Dan Gellert – associate producer, recording engineer

Charlie Post, Ross Petersen – assistant recording engineer

Ted Jensen – mastering engineer

Nitin Vadukul, Alex Vandoros – photography

Night and Day II is the 15th studio album by Joe Jackson, released in 2000. It was a revisit of the style of his 1982 album, Night and Day, featuring songs about the New York City lifestyle, seen through different characters.

While the original Night and Day took a satirical look at the downfalls of city life through songs such as "TV Age", "Cancer" and "Real Men", Night and Day II focuses primarily on the dark side of inner city living (the song, "Happyland", for instance, is about the 1990 arson fire at Happy Land Social Club in the Bronx that killed 87 people) as seen though the eyes of a cynical New Yorker, as Jackson lived in New York at the time.

The cover artwork is a dark nighttime shot taken from within a New York City cab, with the World Trade Center in the foreground, taken a year prior to 9/11.

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