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Larry Norman - Something New under the Son (1981)

Larry Norman - Something New under the Son (1981)

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Side 1
"Hard Luck Bad News"
"Feeling So Bad"
"I Feel Like Dying"
"Born To Be Unlucky"
"Watch What You're Doing"

Side 2
"Leaving The Past Behind"
"Put Your Life Into His Hands"
"Larry Norman's 97th Nightmare"
"Let That Tape Keep Rolling"

Bonus tracks
"Twelve Good Men"
"It's Only Today That Counts"
"Watch What You're Doing" (8:36 version - previously unreleased)
These bonus tracks appear on the 2003 CD re-issue

Larry Norman Band Members / Musicians
Larry Norman - vocals, guitars, percussion, piano, harmonica, saxophone
Jon Linn - guitars and flaming fingers
Alex MacDougall - drums
Peter Johnson - drums
Dave Coy - bass
Billy Batstone - bass
Tim Jaquette - bass
Randy Stonehill and Tom Howard - loose strings and lost paperwork

Something New Under The Son is an album recorded by Larry Norman in 1977 and released in 1981. It was originally intended to be a three-sided album, however Larry's record company felt it was too negative and the project remained unreleased for four years.

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