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Larry Norman - In Another Land (1976)

Larry Norman - In Another Land (1976)

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Side 1

"The Rock That Doesn't Roll"

"I Love You" (Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill)


"I've Searched All Around"

"Righteous Rocker #3"

"Deja Vu (If God Is My Father / Why Don't You Look Into Jesus)"

"I Am a Servant"

Side 2

"The Sun Began to Rain"

"Shot Down"

"Six, Sixty, Six"


"One Way"

"Song for a Small Circle of Friends"

"Hymn to the Last Generation"

Larry Norman Band Members / Musicians

Larry Norman – vocals, harmonies, guitar, percussion, piano, producer,

Randy Stonehill – guitar and backing vocals

Jon Linn – guitars

Dudley Moore – piano

Mark Walker – drums

Tim Ayres – bass guitar

John Michael Talbot – banjo

Andy Johns – engineer

Tom Trefethen – assistant engineer

Solid Rock studios – pre-production recording location

Mama Jo's – recording location

Sunset Sound – recording location

A&M, Studio 3 – mastering location

In Another Land is a studio album recorded by Larry Norman and released in 1976. It is the third album in Norman's "trilogy", which began with Only Visiting This Planet and continued with So Long Ago the Garden. The album contains some of Norman's most well-known work.

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