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Larry Norman - So Long Ago the Garden (1973)

Larry Norman - So Long Ago the Garden (1973)

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Side 1

"Meet Me at the Airport (Fly, Fly, Fly)"

"It's the Same Old Story"

"Lonely By Myself"

"Be Careful What You Sign"

"Baroquen Spirits"

Side 2

"Christmas Time" (original release credits Normal and Randy Stonehill as writers; Norman's re-releases only credit Norman)

"She's a Dancer"

"Soul Survivor"

"Nightmare" (from original release; later releases called this song "Nightmare #71)

Larry Norman Band Members / Musicians

Larry Norman – vocals, keyboards

Bob Brady – piano

Tony Carr – percussion

Malcolm Duncan – saxophone

Roger Ball – saxophone

Rod Edwards – piano, clavinet, wurlitzer, Mini Moog, Hammond Synth

Michael Giles – drums

Roger Hand – percussion

Hollywood Street Choir – vocals

Graham Smith – harmonica

Randy Stonehill – guitar, background vocals

Mickey Keene – guitar

Dave Markee – bass

Dave Wintour – bass

Graham Preskett – violin

Gareth Edwards – assistant engineer

George Martin – recording

Bill Price – engineer

Tony Scotti – mix down

Tommy Vicari – mastering

So Long Ago the Garden is an album recorded by Larry Norman, released in 1973. It is the second album in what came to be known as his "trilogy," which began with the album Only Visiting This Planet and concluded with In Another Land. So Long Ago the Garden was controversial because Norman's previously blatant Christian beliefs were more veiled on this album. In the song "Shot Down", on the album In Another Land, Norman responded to accusations by fellow Christians that he had abandoned his faith in search of fame and fortune.

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