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Mick Ronson - Heaven and Hull (1994)

Mick Ronson - Heaven and Hull (1994)

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"Don't Look Down" (Colin Allen) - vocals by Joe Elliott

"Like a Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan) - vocals by David Bowie

"When the World Falls Down"

"Trouble With Me" - vocals by Chrissie Hynde

"Life's a River" - vocals by John Mellencamp and Sham Morris

"You and Me" (Ronson, Suzanne Ronson)

"Colour Me"

"Take a Long Line" (Rick Brewster, Doc Neeson, John Brewster) - vocals by Ian Hunter and Joe Elliott

"Midnight Love" (Giorgio Moroder)

"All the Young Dudes" (Live at Freddie Mercury London Tribute) (David Bowie) - lead vocals by Ian Hunter; vocals by David Bowie, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen

Mick Ronson Band Members / Musicians

Mick Ronson - vocals, guitar

Sham Morris - guitar, keyboards, bass

Peter Noone, Rene Wurst, Peter Kinski - bass

John Webster - keyboards

Martin Chambers, Mick Curry, Martin Barker - drums

Chrissie Hynde - vocals on "Trouble With Me"

Brian May - guitar on "All the Young Dudes"

John Deacon - bass on "All the Young Dudes"

Roger Taylor - drums on "All the Young Dudes"

David Bowie - alto saxophone on "All the Young Dudes"

Sam Lederman, Steve Popovich, Suzanne Ronson - executive producers

Heaven and Hull was the final solo album by Mick Ronson, released in 1994, following Ronson's death the previous year. It featured collaborations by longtime friends of Ronson including David Bowie, Joe Elliott, and Ian Hunter. Other artists included Martin Chambers and Chrissie Hynde, Phil Collen and John Mellencamp. The "All the Young Dudes" track on Heaven and Hull is from the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, where Ronson was suffering from cancer. It was his last concert.

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