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Mick Ronson - Just Like This (1999)

Mick Ronson - Just Like This (1999)

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CD One

"Just Like This" (T-Bone Walker)

"I'd Give Anything to See You"

"Takin' a Train" (Jay Davis)

"Hard Life"

"(I'm Just a) Junkie for Your Love" (Ricky Fataar)

"Crazy Love" (Blondie Chaplin)

"Hey Grandma" (Skip Spence)

"Is That Any Way"

"I've Got No Secrets"

"Hard Headed Woman"

"Roll Like the River" (Ronson, Mick Barakan, Bobby Chen, Burt Carey)

"Angel No. 9" (Craig Fuller)

CD Two

"Crazy Love" (demo)

"I'd Give Anything to See You (Right Now)" - (demo)

"Takin' The Next Train" (demo)

"Hard Life" (Ballad version)

"Junkie" (demo)

"Hey Grandma" (demo)

"Just Like This" (demo)

"Ronno's Bar & Grill" (studio outtake)

"In the Old Mountains of the East Riding" (studio outtake)

Mick Ronson Band Members / Musicians

Mick Ronson – vocals, guitar

Shane Fontayne – guitar, backing vocals

Jay Davis – bass, backing vocals

Burt Carey – bass

Bobby Chen – drums, backing vocals

Executive Producer: Suzanne Ronson

Just Like This is a studio album of previously unreleased material recorded in November and December 1976 by Mick Ronson. It was supposed to become Ronson's third solo album after Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1974) and Play Don't Worry (1975), but due to low selling amounts of these albums, record company RCA refused to release this third album in 1977.

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