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Prism - Small Change (1981)

Prism - Small Change (1981)

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Side one

1. "Don't Let Him Know"   3:09

2. "Turn on Your Radar"   3:14

3. "Hole in Paradise"   3:25

4. "Rain"   4:05

5. "When Will I See You Again"   3:35

Side two

6. "Heart and Soul"   3:35

7. "Stay"   3:31

8. "When Love Goes Wrong (You're Not Alone)"   3:30

9. "In the Jailhouse Now"   3:03

10. "Wings of Your Love"   3:41

Total length:   34:48


Prism Band Members / Musicians

Henry Small – lead vocals

Lindsay Mitchell – guitar

Rocket Norton – drums

Al Harlow – bass guitar

Jimmy Phillips – keyboards

Randy Hansen – guitar

Norton Buffalo – harmonica

Alvin Taylor – drums, percussion

Reggie McBride – bass guitar

Don Francisco – backing vocals

Shirley Matthews – backing vocals

Paulette Brown – backing vocals

Cleopatra Kennedy – backing vocals

Small Change is the 5th studio album by the Canadian rock band Prism. It was originally released in 1981, on the label Capitol. It was the first of two Prism studio albums with vocalist Henry Small, who had replaced Ron Tabak after his forced departure and the last album to feature guitarist and founding member Lindsay Mitchell. The album is generally regarded as the genesis of the smoother, more adult-oriented sound of the band's later work. The album peaked at No. 53 on the Billboard 200.

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