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Rupert Holmes - Partners in Crime (1979)

Rupert Holmes - Partners in Crime (1979)

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1. "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"   4:36

2. "Partners in Crime"   5:16

3. "Nearsighted"   2:52

4. "Lunch Hour"   4:40

5. "Drop It"   4:12

6. "Him"   4:06

7. "Answering Machine"   3:35

8. "The People that You Never Get to Love"   3:47

9. "Get Outta Yourself"   4:45

10. "In You I Trust"   4:51

Total length:   42:40

Rupert Holmes Band Members / Musicians

Rupert Holmes – vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, saxophone

Dean Bailin – guitar

Frank Gravis – bass

Leo Adamian – drums (all tracks), double drums (track 1)

Victoria – percussion

Peter Gordon – French horn

Wayne Andre – trombone

Dave Taylor – bass trombone

The Gene Orloff Section – strings[3]

Steve Jordan – double drums (track 1)

Chrissy Faith – background vocals on (track 7)

Bob Gurland – voiced trumpet (track 9)

Rupert Holmes – production

Jim Boyer – production, engineering, mixing

Eric Bloch – associate engineering

Ollie Cotton – associate engineering

Ted Jensen – mastering

Normand Kurtz – executive production

Peter Corriston – art direction, cover concept and design

Brian Hagiwara – photography

Partners in Crime is an album by British American singer-songwriter and musician Rupert Holmes. The album was Holmes's most commercially-successful record and includes all three of Holmes's solo top 40 hits: "Him", "Answering Machine", and "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)." "Escape" was the Billboard #1 hit of December 1979 and January 1980; it was the only single to hold the #1 position in both years and in different decades. Although "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" was released as a single on Infinity Records, "Him" was released on MCA Records; the Infinity catalog had been absorbed by MCA at the time the latter single was released. The album itself reached #33 on the Billboard Album Charts.

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