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Strawbs - Grave New World (1972)

Strawbs - Grave New World (1972)

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Side one

"Benedictus" (Dave Cousins) – 4:24

"Hey Little Man ... Thursday's Child" (Cousins) – 1:06

"Queen of Dreams" (Cousins) – 5:32

"Heavy Disguise" (John Ford) – 2:53

"New World" (Cousins) – 4:11

"Hey Little Man ... Wednesday's Child" (Cousins) – 1:06

Side two

"The Flower and the Young Man" (Cousins) – 4:17

"Tomorrow" (Cousins, Tony Hooper, Ford, Blue Weaver, Richard Hudson) – 4:49

"On Growing Older" (Cousins) – 1:56

"Ah Me, Ah My" (Hooper) – 1:24

"Is It Today, Lord?" (Hudson) – 3:07

"The Journey's End" (Cousins, Weaver) – 1:46

Bonus tracks

"Here it Comes" (Cousins) – 2:42

"I'm Going Home" (Cousins) – 3:14

"I'm Going Home" originally appeared on Dave Cousins's solo album Two Weeks Last Summer. This track is the first occasion on which Dave Lambert recorded with the band. He had occasionally been appearing on stage for encores, but after this album and the departure of Tony Hooper, Lambert joined the band full-time.


Strawbs Band Members / Musicians

Dave Cousins – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dulcimer, recorder

Tony Hooper – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, autoharp, tambourine

Blue Weaver – organ, piano, harmonium, mellotron, clavioline on The Flower and the Young Man

John Ford – lead vocals, backing vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

Richard Hudson – backing vocals, drums, sitar, tablas

Trevor Lucas, Anne Collins – backing vocals on "Benedictus"

Robert Kirby - arranger ("Heavy Disguise")

Tony Visconti - arranger ("Ah Me, Ah My")

The track "Ah Me, Ah, My" credits "The Gentlemen of the Chorus" with vocals and "Tony Visconti's Old Tyme Dance Orchestra" (actually the Ted Heath Orchestra) as musicians

Recorded mainly at Morgan Studios, London with additional work at Island Studios and Landsdowne Studios

Produced by Dave Cousins, Richard Hudson, John Ford, Blue Weaver and Tony Hooper

Tom Allom – engineer at Morgan Studios

Martin Levan – assistant engineer

Frank Owen – engineer at Island Studios

John Mackswith – engineer at Landsdowne Studios

Tony Visconti – producer, "Benedictus"

Gus Dudgeon – original producer, "Ah Me, Ah My"

Grave New World is the 4th studio album by English band Strawbs, their 5th overall. It was the first album to be released after the departure of Rick Wakeman, who was replaced by Blue Weaver, late of Amen Corner.

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