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Diamond Head - Borrowed Time (1982)

Diamond Head - Borrowed Time (1982)

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Side one

1. "In the Heat of the Night"   4:57

2. "To Heaven from Hell"   6:14

3. "Call Me"   3:54

4. "Lightning to the Nations"   4:09

Side two

5. "Borrowed Time"   7:39

6. "Don't You Ever Leave Me"   7:56

7. "Am I Evil?"   7:21

Diamond Head Band Members / Musicians

Sean Harris – vocals, backing vocals, percussion, vocoder

Brian Tatler – guitars, backing vocals

Colin Kimberley – bass, Taurus bass pedals, backing vocals

Duncan Scott – drums, percussion

Borrowed Time is the 2nd studio album by British heavy metal band Diamond Head. It was recorded in 1981 and released in 1982, reaching Number 24 on the UK Albums Chart.

In a 2008 interview, guitarist Brian Tatler announced that this was his favourite period with Diamond Head and that the band "seemed to be getting somewhere after six years of building".

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