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GG Allin - You'll Never Tame Me (1985)

GG Allin - You'll Never Tame Me (1985)

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Fuck Women I've Never Had

I Want to Fuck Myself

Needle Up My Cock

Assfuckin, Butt Suckin, Cunt Lickin, Masturbation

You'll Never Tame Me

Torture You

Bite It You Scum

Scumfuc Tradition

I Fuck The Dead

I Wanna Die (titled as "I Wanna Die" on the 1999 reissue)

Kill The Children, Save The Food

I Wanna Piss On You

You'll Never Tame Me is the 3rd full-length studio album by American punk rock musician GG Allin, recorded and released in 1985 with the backing band The Scumfucs. Like Eat My Fuc before it, the lyrics continued to contain shock value, although Allin's singing voice, for the most part, had yet to deteriorate to a husky growl.

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