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GG Allin - You Give Love a Bad Name (1987)

GG Allin - You Give Love a Bad Name (1987)

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Side one
"Swank Fuckin'" (G.G. Allin, Mike Edison)
"Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt" (G.G. Allin, Mike Edison)
"Tough Fuckin' Shit"
"I'm a Rapest"
"Suck Dog" (G.G. Allin, Greg Bullock)

Side two
"Teenage Twats" (G.G. Allin, Gerald Cosloy)
"Beer Picnic" (Bad Tuna Experience)
"Stink Finger Clit" (G.G. Allin, Gerald Cosloy)
"Scars on My Body - Scabs on My Dick" (G.G. Allin, Bloody F. Mess, Gerald Cosloy)
"Garbage Dump" (Charles Manson)

GG Allin Band Members / Musicians

G.G. Allin - vocals, engineer, voices, producer

Gerard Cosloy - guitar, editing, backing vocals, remixing, sequencing, mixing

Mike Kirkland - bass

Greg Van Voorst - percussion, backing vocals

Greg Bullock - guitar, backing vocals

Mike "Machine Gun" Edison - drums, backing vocals

Jaques Kralian - engineer

Wharton Tiers - sequencing

Bloody F. Mess - liner notes

Georgia Hubley - cover layout

You Give Love a Bad Name is the 4th studio album by transgressive punk rock musician GG Allin, and is jointly credited to Allin and a one-time studio band named The Holy Men. Reissues credit the release mistakenly to GG Allin & The Criminal Quartet.

The album was the first to fully mark a distinct change in his vocal tone, which by this time began to take on a slurred and gravelly characteristic, and increasing obsession with shock rock lyrical content.

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