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Willie Nelson - Make Way for Willie Nelson (1967)

Willie Nelson - Make Way for Willie Nelson (1967)

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Side one

1. "Make Way for a Better Man"   2:01

2. "Some Other World"   2:11

3. "Have I Stayed Away Too Long?"   3:06

4. "Born to Lose"   2:39

5. "Lovin' Lies"   3:02

6. "You Made Me Live, Love and Die"   2:53

Side two

1. "What Now My Love"   3:13

2. "Teach Me to Forget"   2:53

3. "Mansion on the Hill"   3:02

4. "If It's Wrong to Love You"   2:21

5. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"   3:06

6. "One in a Row"   2:34

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – guitar, vocals

Jerry Reed – guitar

Junior Huskey – bass

Velma Smith – guitar

Jerry Smith – piano

Johnny Bush – guitar

Jimmy Day – steel guitar

Wade Ray – fiddle

Bill Walker - arrangements on "Make Way for a Better Man" and "One in a Row"

Jim Malloy – engineer

Make Way for Willie Nelson is the 5th studio album by country singer Willie Nelson.

The single "One in a Row", Nelson's only original included on the album, peaked at number 19 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles. Meanwhile, the album release peaked at number nine on Billboard's Hot Country Albums.

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