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Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (1973)

Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (1973)

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Side one

1. "Shotgun Willie"   2:40

2. "Whiskey River"   4:05

3. "Sad Songs and Waltzes"   3:08

4. "Local Memory"   2:19

5. "Slow Down Old World"   2:54

6. "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)"   2:36

Side two

1. "Devil in a Sleepin' Bag"   2:40

2. "She's Not for You"   3:15

3. "Bubbles in My Beer"   2:34

4. "You Look Like the Devil"   3:26

5. "So Much to Do"   3:11

6. "A Song for You"   4:20

Willie Nelson Band Members / Musicians

Willie Nelson – vocals, acoustic guitar

Steve Burgh – electric guitar, acoustic guitar

James Clayton Day – dobro, pedal steel guitar, backing vocals

Bobbie Nelson – piano

Mickey Raphael – harmonica

Jeff Gutcheon – electric piano, organ

Dan "Bee" Spears – bass

Paul English – drums

Steve Mosley – drums

Wayne Jackson – trumpet

Andrew Love – tenor saxophone

James Mitchell – baritone saxophone

Jack Hale, Sr. – trombone

Dave Bromberg – electric guitar

John Goldthwaite – electric guitar

Dee Moeller – backing vocals

Larry Gatlin – backing vocals

Arif Mardin – string arrangement

Doug Sahm – electric guitar, backing vocals

Waylon Jennings – acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Augie Meyers – acoustic guitar

Johnny Gimble – fiddle

Jessi Colter – backing vocals

Hugh McDonald – bass

Willie Bridges – baritone saxophone

Red Lane – acoustic guitar

Jack Barber – bass

George Rains – drums

Donny Hathaway – string arrangement

Shotgun Willie is the 16th studio album by Willie Nelson, released in 1973. The recording marks a change of style for Nelson, who later stated that the album "cleared his throat". When Nelson refused to sign an early extension of his contract with RCA Records in 1972, the label decided not to release any further recordings. Nelson hired Neil Reshen as his manager, and while Reshen negotiated with RCA, Nelson moved to Austin, Texas, where the ongoing hippie music scene at the Armadillo World Headquarters renewed his musical style. In Nashville, Nelson met producer Jerry Wexler, vice president of Atlantic Records, who was interested in his music. Reshen solved the problems with RCA and signed Nelson with Atlantic Records as their first country music artist.

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