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Beth Hart - Immortal (1996)

Beth Hart - Immortal (1996)

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"Run" (Beth Hart, Jimmy Khoury)
"Spiders in My Bed" (Hart)
"Isolation" (Hart, Khoury, Tal Herzberg)
"Hold Me Through the Night" (Hart, Khoury)
"State of Mind" (Hart, Khoury, Herzberg)
"Burn Chile" (Hart, Khoury, Herzberg)
"Immortal" (Hart, Khoury, Herzberg)
"Summer Is Gone" (Hart)
"Ringing" (Hart, Khoury, Herzberg)
"God Bless You" (Hart, Khoury)
"Am I the One" (Hart)
"Blame the Moon" (Geoffrey Tozer)

Beth Hart Band Members / Musicians

Beth Hart - vocals, piano; additional bass on "Isolation"

Jimmy Khoury - electric and acoustic guitar; piano on "God Bless You"

Tal Herzberg - bass

Sergio Gonzalez - drums, percussion

Luis Conte - percussion

David Foster - piano on "Hold Me Through the Night"

Claude Gaudette - strings on "Hold Me Through the Night"

Immortal is the debut solo album by Beth Hart. It was listed as released by Beth Hart Band.

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