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Keith Emerson - Honky (1981)

Keith Emerson - Honky (1981)

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Keith Noel Emerson (2 November 1944 – 11 March 2016) was an English keyboardist, songwriter, and record producer. He played keyboards in a number of bands before finding his first commercial success with the Nice in the late 1960s. He became internationally famous for his work with the Nice, which included writing rock arrangements of classical music. After leaving the Nice in 1970, he was a founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), one of the early progressive rock supergroups. Emerson, Lake & Palmer were commercially successful through much of the 1970s, becoming one of the best-known progressive rock groups of the era. Emerson wrote and arranged much of ELP's music on albums such as Tarkus (1971) and Brain Salad Surgery (1973), combining his own original compositions with classical or traditional pieces adapted into a rock format.

Keith Emerson Band Members / Musicians

Studio albums

Honky (1981) (digitally re-mastered 2013)

The Christmas Album (1988)

Changing States (1995)

Emerson Plays Emerson (2002)

Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla (2008)

The Three Fates Project (with Marc Bonilla, Terje Mikkelsen) (2012)

Live albums

Boys Club – Live from California (with Glenn Hughes, Marc Bonilla) (2009)

Moscow (with Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla) CD & DVD (2010)

Live from Manticore Hall (with Greg Lake) (2010)

Soundtrack albums

Inferno (1980)

Nighthawks (1981)

Best Revenge (1985)

Murderock (1984)

Harmageddon/China Free Fall (1987) — Split album with Derek Austin. Emerson did the Harmageddon soundtrack while Austin did the China Free Fall soundtrack

La Chiesa (2002) — Music from the 1989 horror film The Church, also known as La chiesa. Also contains material by Fabio Pignatelli and Goblin

Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)


Chord Sampler (1984)

The Emerson Collection (1986)

At the Movies (2005)

Hammer It Out – The Anthology (2005)

Off the Shelf (2006)


"Honky Tonk Train Blues" (Lewis) b/w "Barrelhouse Shake-Down" (1976)

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