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Keith Emerson - Murderock (1984)

Keith Emerson - Murderock (1984)

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Murder Rock (Italian: Murderock uccide a passo di danza) is a 1984 Italian giallo film starring Olga Karlatos and Ray Lovelock, and directed by Lucio Fulci.

Olga Karlatos as Candice Norman
Ray Lovelock as George Webb
Claudio Cassinelli as Dick Gibson
Cosimo Cinieri as Lt. Borges
Giuseppe Mannajuolo as Professor Davis
Berna Maria do Carmo as Joan
Belinda Busato as Gloria Weston
Maria Vittoria Tolazzi as Jill
Geretta Marie Fields as Margie
Christian Borromeo as Willy Stark
Carla Buzzanca as Janice
Silvia Collatina as Molly
Lucio Fulci as Phil
Al Cliver as Forensic analyst

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