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Leslie West - Theme (1988)

Leslie West - Theme (1988)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Talk Dirty" (Charlie Karp)   3:35

"Motherload" (Leslie West, Joe Franco)   3:10

"Theme for an Imaginary Western" (Jack Bruce, Pete Brown)   4:40

"I'm Crying" (Leslie West)   3:02

"Red House" (Jimi Hendrix)   4:58

"Love is Forever" (Leslie West, Corky Laing)   3:51

"I Ate It" (Leslie West)   3.00

"Spoonful" (Willie Dixon)   7:27

"Love Me Tender" (Elvis Presley, Vera Matson)   1:41

Leslie West Band Members / Musicians

Leslie West — guitar, vocals

Jack Bruce — bass, vocals

Joe Franco — drums

Alan St. Jon – keyboards, backing vocals

Les Katz – cover

Ed McCarthy – photography

Theme is a 1988 album by Leslie West. It features Jack Bruce and Joe Franco. It takes its title from the track "Theme for an Imaginary Western", first recorded by Jack Bruce on Songs for a Tailor and subsequently featured on Mountain's debut album Climbing!.

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