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The Music Machine - The Bonniwell Music Machine (1968)

The Music Machine - The Bonniwell Music Machine (1968)

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"Astrologically Incompatible"
"Double Yellow Line"
"The Day Today"
"Absolutely Positively"
"Somethin Hurtin' on Me"
"The Trap"
"Soul Love"
"Bottom of the Soul"
"Talk Me Down"
"The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly"
"I've Loved You"
"Affirmative No"
"Me, Myself, and I"

The Music Machine Band Members / Musicians
Sean Bonniwell - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, horn
Mark Landon - lead guitar
Ron Edgar - drums
Doug Rhodes - bass guitar, keyboards, tambourine, backing vocals
Keith Olsen - bass guitar, backing vocals
Alan Wisdom - lead guitar
Jerry Harris - drums
Ed Jones - bass guitar, backing vocals
Harry Garfield - keyboards

The Bonniwell Music Machine is the 2nd and final album by the American garage rock band, The Music Machine, recorded under the renamed moniker, The Bonniwell Music Machine, and released on Warner Bros. Records, on February 10, 1968 (see 1968 in music). As with their debut LP, the album again saw the band blending garage and psychedelic rock influences, albeit with a greater emphasis on psychedelia than on their previous album release. Prior to completing its recording, all of the group's original members, except for its creative force, Sean Bonniwell, departed, though they would still appear on some of the album's tracks.

The Bonniwell Music Machine failed to reach the Billboard 200, although it was Bonniwell's most experimental recording period in his career. Its attending singles, "The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly" and "Double Yellow Line", also did not fare well nationally. Disillusioned by the music industry, Bonniwell produced additional recordings that went widely unnoticed, and disbanded The Bonniwell Music Machine and abandoned his music career within a year. The album went relatively unheard until its material was rereleased along with studio outtakes on the compilation album, Beyond the Garage.

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