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Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach (1968)

Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach (1968)

Tracklist front / back album covers

LP Side A

"Ego Trip" – 3:13

"Sacrifice of the Moon (in four parts)" – 3:45

"Plastic Raincoats/Hung Up Minds" – 2:56

"Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess" – 8:14

LP Side B

"Your Head Is Reeling" – 3:36

"Dove in Hawk's Clothing" – 3:54

"Baroque #1" – 4:48

"Funny Freak Parade" – 2:35

"Pamela" – 3:08

Ultimate Spinach Band Members / Musicians

Ian Bruce-Douglas - vocals, guitar (acoustic and electric), 12-string bass, electric piano, organ, keyboards, sitar, vibraphone, theremin, recording,

Barbara Jean Hudson - guitar (acoustic and electric), vocals

Keith Lahteinen - drums, percussion, Vocals

Richard Nese - bass (acoustic and electric), feedback

Geoffrey Winthrop - guitar (acoustic and electric), feedback, sitar (acoustic and electric), vocals

Ted Myers - guitar, vocals

Ultimate Spinach is the 1968 self-titled debut album by the American psychedelic rock band, Ultimate Spinach, and was released on the MGM Records label (E/SE-4518) simultaneously with the debut LP of two other Boston area bands, Beacon Street Union and Orpheus. Both albums were heavily promoted by the label as being representative of the "Bosstown Sound". The commercial ploy was heavily driven in psychedelic music that attempted to replicate the San Francisco Sound.

Ultimate Spinach was an American psychedelic rock band from Boston, Massachusetts which was formed in 1967. In terms of style and national recognition, the band was one of the most prominent musical acts to emerge from the "Bosstown Sound", which was a regional attempt to compete with the San Francisco Sound. During the group's existence, they released three albums, with their self-titled debut the most commercially successful.

Ultimate Spinach Band Members / Musicians

Ian Bruce-Douglas – lead vocals, electric piano, organ, vibraphone, lead guitar, recorder (1967–1968)

Barbara Jean Hudson – vocals, acoustic guitar (1967–1969)

Ted Myers – lead vocals, lead guitar (1967, 1969)

Jeff Baxter – lead guitar, steel guitar, vibraphone, vocals (1968–1969)

Tony Scheuren – organ, piano, acoustic guitar, vocals (1968–1969)

Mike Levine – bass guitar (1968–1969)

Russell Levine – drums, percussion (1968–1969)

Richard Nese – bass (acoustic and electric), feedback (1967–1968)

Geoffrey Winthrop – rhythm guitar (1967–1968)

Keith Lahteinen – drums, percussion, vocals (1967)

Ultimate Spinach Discography Full

Studio albums

Ultimate Spinach (1968)

Behold & See (1968)

Ultimate Spinach III (1969)


The Box (2000)

The Very Best of Ultimate Spinach (2001)

Sacrifice of the Moon: Instrumental Music of Ultimate Spinach (2006)

Live albums

Live at the Unicorn, July 1967 (2014)

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