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Janis Ian - Janis Ian (1978)

Janis Ian - Janis Ian (1978)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "The Grand Illusion"   2:51

2. "Some People"   3:46

3. "Tonight Will Last Forever"  2:27

4. "Hotels and One-Night Stands"   3:37

5. "Do You Wanna Dance?"   5:07

6. "Silly Habits"   3:08

Total length: 20:56

Side two

1. "The Bridge"   4:00

2. "My Mama's House"   4:04

3. "Streetlife Serenaders"   4:56

4. "I Need to Live Alone Again"   3:54

5. "Hopper Painting"   4:40

Total length:   21:34

Janis Ian Band Members / Musicians

Joseph Wissert – producer

Ed Sprigg – engineer

John "BJ John" Smith – assistant engineer

Ted Spencer – assistant engineer

Mike Reese – mastering

Ron Frangipane – conductor

Janis Ian – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Wayne Andre – trombone

Claire Bay – backing vocals

Richard Davis – upright bass

Sal DiTroia – guitar

Steve Gadd – drums

Al Gorgoni – guitar

Artie Kaplan – baritone saxophone

Jik Malin – percussion

Jeff Mironov – guitar

Tony Studd – bass trombone

Janis Ian, also titled Janis Ian II to avoid confusion with her debut album of the same name, is the 10th studio album by American singer-songwriter Janis Ian, originally released in 1978.

Before the release of Janis Ian, the singer had been spending most of her time touring Japan, where her previous studio albums Aftertones and Miracle Row had been much more successful than in the United States, where her early 1978 live album Remember... would never be issued. Janis Ian was recorded in late 1977 but not released until her return to the United States in the late summer of 1978, by which time she had been engaged and married to Portuguese novelist Tino Sargo.

When Janis Ian was released, the singer was pleased, and the record at first appeared to be doing well. However, the early commercial promise of Janis Ian faded rapidly, and the album would continue a commercial decline in all territories, reaching only number 120 in the United States and number 97 in Australia.

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