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Janis Ian - The Secret Life of J. Eddy Fink (1968)

Janis Ian - The Secret Life of J. Eddy Fink (1968)

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Side One
1. "Everybody Knows"   2:48
2. "Mistaken Identity"   7:10
3. "Friends Again"   1:44
4. "42nd Street Psycho Blues"   3:53
5. "She's Made of Porcelain"   2:34
6. "Sweet Misery"   3:30

Total length: 21:49

Side Two
1. "When I Was a Child"   3:46
2. "What Do You Think of the Dead?"   3:21
3. "Look to the Rain"   5:10
4. "Son of Love"   3:07
5. "Baby's Blue"   5:12

Total length:   20:36

The Secret Life of J. Eddy Fink is the 3rd studio album by American singer/songwriter Janis Ian, released in 1968. It was named after Janis Ian’s real name, and was purportedly a concept album about Janis’ teenage life.

Like her first two albums, it was produced by Shadow Morton, although according to Janis herself he missed the sessions[3] and Janis was credited as co-producer for the only time until her 1977 album Miracle Row.

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