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Janis Ian - Who Really Cares (1969)

Janis Ian - Who Really Cares (1969)

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Side one

1. "Time on My Hands"   2:53

2. "Snowbird"   4:20

3. "Love You More Than Yesterday"   3:05

4. "Orphan of the Wind"   5:06

Total length:   15:24

Side two

1. "Sea and Sand"   2:49

2. "Galveston"   3:39

3. "Do You Remember?"   3:10

4. "Month of May"   4:29

5. "Calling Your Name"   4:23

Total length:   18:30

Who Really Cares, released in 1969, is the 4th studio album by American singer-songwriter Janis Ian, and her last for Verve Forecast. Unlike her previous three albums, Who Really Cares was produced not by Shadow Morton but by Charles Calello, who had attracted attention for producing Laura Nyro's Eli and the Thirteenth Confession a year earlier. The title was taken from Ian's first book of poetry, published shortly after the album's release.

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