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John Miles - Tom and Catherine (1999)

John Miles - Tom and Catherine (1999)

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"In this Life"
"I Must Leave the Tyne"
"Someone Out There"
"The Power of Drink"
"Something Special"
"The First time I Saw You"
"I Need Your Love"
"This Love"
"The First Time I Saw You" (Reprise)
"Love at the Stars of the Sea"
"Hanging on to Life"
"Believe in Dreams"
"Blessed with Peace"
"Go Back Home"
"Knight in Shining"
"I Need Your Love" (Reprise)

John Miles Band Members / Musicians
John Miles - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Sara Murray - lead vocals

Tom and Catherine is an album by John Miles released in 1999. The album is the soundtrack to a musical which handles about the life of the novelist Catherine Cookson and her husband Tom Cookson. The musical was written by playwright Tom Kelly and he asked Miles to write music for the musical (they had already collaborated on Machine Gunners).

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