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Petra - Back to the Street (1986)

Petra - Back to the Street (1986)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Back to the Street" – 4:14

"You Are I Am" – 3:08

"Shakin the House" (Words by Hartman and John Lawry) – 4:28

"King's Ransom" – 4:18

"Whole World" – 4:50

"Another Crossroad" – 3:50

"Run for Cover" – 3:15

"Fool's Gold" – 4:48

"Altar Ego" – 4:43

"Thankful Heart" (Words by Hartman and Dino Elefante) – 3:17

Petra Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hartman - guitar

John Schlitt - lead vocals

John Lawry - keyboards, vocals

Mark Kelly - bass guitar, vocals

Louie Weaver - drums

John Elefante - additional keyboards, vocals, producer, engineer,

John Elefante - producer, engineer

Pakaderm Studio, Long Beach, California – recorded location, mixing location

Mike Mireau – engineer

Back to the Street is the 8th studio album of the Christian rock band, Petra. It was released in 1986 and is the first album to be produced by John and Dino Elefante.

The album is also the first to feature new lead singer John Schlitt, former lead singer of Head East, and the last to feature a guitar-shaped space ship on its cover.

While the sound of the album is rather transitional and unlike anything that would be heard by the group for another seven years, it did mark a movement toward the style that would become Petra's most identifiable sound: prominent keyboards backing up hard-edged guitar tones and raspy, near-screaming vocals.

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