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Petra - Beat the System (1984)

Petra - Beat the System (1984)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Beat the System" – 4:22

"Computer Brains" – 4:01

"Clean" – 3:01

"It Is Finished" – 3:52

"Voice in the Wind" – 4:30

"God Gave Rock and Roll to You" (Words & Music by Russ Ballard) – 3:54

"Witch Hunt" – 4:34

"Hollow Eyes" – 4:03

"Speak to the Sky" – 4:16

"Adonai" – 4:42

Petra Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hartman - guitars

Greg X. Volz - vocals

Rhett Lawrence - additional synthesizer programming

John Lawry -aAdditional synthesizer programming

Carl Marsh - Fairlight synthesizer programming (keyboards, drums, bass and other embellishments)

Jonathan David Brown - Producer

Recorded and Mixed by Jonathan David Brown

Assisted by Todd Van Etten

Additional recording at The Bennett House Recording Studios, Franklin, Tennessee

Assisted by J.T. Cantwell and Don Cobb

Mastering at Future Disc Systems by Steve Hall

Beat the System is the 7th studio album of the Christian rock band Petra. It was released in 1984.

It is the first album to feature John Lawry on keyboards, although he only joined towards the end of the recording process; his contributions were limited to some overdubs on the songs "Beat the System", "Clean" and "Adonai". Most of the keyboards on the album, as well as all the bass and drum parts, were performed by session musician Carl Marsh; Petra members Mark Kelly (bass) and Louie Weaver (drums) did not perform on the album. Fairlight programmer Rhett Lawrence added some elements to "Clean" and "Hollow Eyes". Carl Marsh's programming, under the direction of producer Jonathan David Brown, veered the sound of the album more in the synth-rock genre of music. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance in 1985.

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