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Petra - Never Say Die (1981)

Petra - Never Say Die (1981)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"The Coloring Song" (words and music by Dave Eden) – 2:52

"Chameleon" – 5:47

"Angel of Light" – 4:21

"Killing My Old Man" – 3:46

"Without Him We Can Do Nothing" (words and music by Greg X. Volz) – 3:26

"Never Say Die" – 3:42

"I Can Be Friends With You" – 4:12

"For Annie" – 4:24

"Father of Lights" – 3:02

"Praise Ye the Lord" (words and music by Volz) – 3:18


Petra Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hartman – guitar

Greg X. Volz – lead and backing vocals

John Slick – keyboards, backing vocals, horn and string arrangements on "For Annie"

Mark Kelly – bass

Keith Edwards – drums, percussion

Alex MacDougall – percussion

Joe Miller – trombone

Bob Welborn – trumpet

Jonathan David Brown - producer, engineer at Rivendell Sound Recorders, Pasadena, Texas, mixing at Whitefield Sound

Martinsound, Alhambra, California – additional overdubs

Whitefield Sound, Santa Ana, California – additional overdubs

Steve Hall – mastering at MCA/Whitney Recording Studio

Never Say Die is the 4th studio album of the Christian rock band, Petra. It was released in 1981. "The Coloring Song" was a radio hit for the band and sales were higher for this album than the previous. This album set the stage for Petra's success in the 1980s and their next few albums duplicated much of the formula, as well as repeated the "guitar" theme on the album cover.

The album is the first to exclusively feature Greg X. Volz on vocals, and new members John Slick and Mark Kelly (keyboards and bass guitar respectively).

StarSong Records later re-issued the album on a single CD with 1979's Washes Whiter Than. The former had two tracks cut for space; this album was included in full.

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