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Petra - On Fire! (1988)

Petra - On Fire! (1988)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"All Fired Up" – 4:30

"Hit You Where You Live" (music by Billy Smiley and Dino Elefante) – 4:20

"Mine Field" – 4:28

"First Love" (music by John Elefante) – 4:10

"Defector" – 4:30

"Counsel of the Holy" (words & music by John Lawry & Danny Kingen) – 3:37

"Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name" – 4:02

"Open Book" – 4:28

"Stand in the Gap" – 4:10

"Homeless Few" (music by John Lawry) – 4:33


Petra Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hartman – lead guitar

John Lawry – keyboards, background vocals

Louie Weaver – drums

John Schlitt – lead vocals

Ronny Cates – bass guitar

John Andrew Schreiner – keyboards, programming

Tim Heintz – programming

Bob Carlisle – background vocals

John Elefante – background vocals

Rikki Michelle – background vocals ("Homeless Few")

John Elefante – producer, engineer

Dino Elefante – producer, engineer

Mike Mireau – engineer

Jeff Simmons – assistant engineer

Mannie Parker – assistant engineer

Greg Parker – assistant engineer

Pakaderm Studio, Los Alamitos, California – recording location, mixing location

Woodland Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee – additional studio

Steve Hall – mastering

Future Disc, Hollywood, California – mastering location

On Fire! is the 10th studio album of the Christian rock band, Petra. It was released in 1988 by StarSong.

The songs of this album are in the Hard rock category. The lyrics continue the theme of spiritual warfare featured in their previous efforts, with metaphors making reference to military subtexts ("Mine Field", "Defector"). The band also tackles issues such as homelessness ("Homeless Few") and other personal and social issues.

This is the first album to feature Ronny Cates on bass who would remain with the band until 1995. With his addition to the line-up, the band started their more stable period in terms of line-up. Schlitt, Hartman, Cates, Lawry and Weaver would remain together for seven years and six albums.

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