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Petra - Petra (1974)

Petra - Petra (1974)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Vinyl Side one
"Walkin' in the Light" – 3:16
"Mountains and Valleys" - 2:48
"Lucas McGraw" - 3:24
"Wake Up" (Greg Hough) – 3:40
"Back Sliding Blues" – 4:29

Vinyl Side two
"Get Back to the Bible" – 2:23
"Gonna Fly Away" – 4:55
"I'm Not Ashamed" (Hough/Hartman) – 3:01
"Storm Comin'" – 4:30
"Parting Thought" – 1:31

"Wake Up" (Greg Hough) – 3:40
"Get Back to the Bible" – 2:23
"Gonna Fly Away" – 4:55
"Storm Comin'" – 4:30
"Parting Thought" – 1:31
"Walkin' in the Light" – 3:16
"Mountains and Valleys" - 2:48
"Lucas McGraw" - 3:24
"Backslidin' Blues" – 4:29
"I'm Not Ashamed" (Hough) – 3:01

Petra Band Members / Musicians
Bob Hartman - guitar, banjo, vocals
Greg Hough - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Bill Glover - drums, percussion
John DeGroff - bass guitar
Billy Ray Hearn - producer

Petra is the 1st studio album by the Christian rock band of the same name. It was released in 1974.

The album features a style bordering between country and Southern rock somewhat similar to the Eagles or Lynyrd Skynyrd, which was the band's trademark during its first years.

The band's debut is more raw than later Petra albums, lacking the refined production values of future releases. It was recorded on a limited budget of $1,000 during the span of two weeks. Nevertheless, this first record displays remarkable guitar technique with many dual guitar solos reminiscent of the Allman Brothers, Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, and other bands from the period who employed harmony leads.

Unlike later Petra albums, lead vocal duties are shared by guitarists Bob Hartman and Greg Hough.

This article details the discography of Petra. Petra is a music group formed in 1972, and regarded as a pioneer of the Christian rock and contemporary Christian music genres. Though they disbanded formally in 2005, incarnations of Petra have played reunion shows in the years since and released an album in fall 2010. The band released 24 albums (including two live albums, and two Spanish albums) during their 33 years of career starting with their first release in 1974 and finishing with their last album in 2005.

Petra Discography Full
1974 Petra
1977 Come and Join Us
1979 Washes Whiter Than
1981 Never Say Die
1982 More Power To Ya
1983 Not of this World
1984 Beat the System
1986 Captured In Time and Space
1987 This Means War!
1988 On Fire!
1989 Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out
1990 Beyond Belief
1991 Unseen Power
1992 Petra en Alabanza
1993 Wake-Up Call
1995 No Doubt
1997 Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus
1998 God Fixation
2000 Double Take
2001 Revival
2003 Jekyll & Hyde
2004 Jekyll & Hyde en Español
2010 Back to the Rock
2011 Back to the Rock Live

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