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Petra - Unseen Power (1991)

Petra - Unseen Power (1991)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Destiny" – 4:31

"Who's on the Lord's Side" (words and music by Rev. Timothy Wright) – 3:54

"Ready, Willing and Able" – 4:14

"Hand on My Heart" (music by John Elefante, Hartman) – 4:26

"I Need to Hear from You" – 4:04

"Dance" (music by Elefante) – 3:46

"Secret Weapon" (music by Hartman, Elefante) – 4:01

"Sight Unseen" – 3:58

"Hey World" – 3:52

"In the Likeness of You" (words and music by John Lawry) – 4:51

Petra Band Members / Musicians

Bob Hartman – guitar

John Schlitt – lead vocals

John Lawry – keyboards

Ronny Cates – bass

Louie Weaver – drums

Jamie Rowe – background vocals

Ron Gollner – background vocals

Tony Palacios – background vocals

Rob Rock – background vocals

Sara Tennison – background vocals

Doug Beiden – background vocals

Rose Stone – background vocals

Alfie Silas – background vocals

Olivia McClurkin – background vocals

Perry Morgan – background vocals

Howard McCrary – background vocals

Alfred McCrary – background vocals

John Elefante – producer, engineer

Dino Elefante – producer, engineer

Doug Beiden – engineer, mixing assistant

J.R. McNeely – engineer, mixing assistant

Pakaderm, Los Alamitos, California – recording and mixing location

Pakaderm West, Los Alamitos, California – recording and mixing location

Neil Kernon – mixing

Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, California – mastering

Lynn Keesecker – A&R direction

Loren Balman – art direction

Ed Goble – art direction

Patrick Pollei – art direction, design

Steven Fryer – design

Michael Goldenberg – design

Amy Linde – art production coordinator

Jeff Katz – band and individual photos

Unseen Power is the 13th studio album of the Christian rock band, Petra. It was released in November 1991.

The album retains a driving edge while veering away from the more commercial pop-metal sound of their previous efforts. Bob Hartman has stated that he and the producers intentionally chose to move in directions they were not instinctively inclined to go.

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