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Raga Rockers - The Return Of The Raga Rockers (1983)

Raga Rockers - The Return Of The Raga Rockers (1983)

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Raga Rockers is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo with Michael Krohn on vocals. The band was formed in 1982 by front man Michael Krohn. The other original members were Livio Aiello on bass, Bruno Hovden on guitar, Jan Arne Kristiansen on drums, Hugo Alvarstein on keyboards. They recorded their first album in 1983, called The Return of the Raga Rockers. One year later they recorded their second album, Maskiner i Nirvana. Tore Berg on guitar in 1984 and Nils Aune on guitar and keyboards in 1988. The band has made various changes in its line-up with more recent joiners including Hugo Alvarstein, Eivind Staxrud and Hågen Rørmark.

After a long hiatus from 2000 onwards, the band had a big comeback in 2007 with their album Übermensch that topped the VG-lista, a Norwegian albums chart and the single "Aldri mer" taken from the album making it to number five in the Norwegian singles chart. The follow-up album Shit Happens also made it to number on the VG-lista chart.

Raga Rockets Band Members / Musicians

Michael Krohn - vocals (1982–present)

Livio Aiello - bass (1982–present)

Jan Arne Kristiansen - drums and percussion (1982–present)

Arne Sæther - keyboards (1982–present)

Bruno Hovden – guitar (1982–1985)

Raga Rockets Discography Full

Studio albums
1983 The Return Of The Raga Rockers
1984 Maskiner i Nirvana
1987 Varme dager
1988 Forbudte følelser
1989 Blaff
1990 Rock'n Roll Party
1995 Perler for svin
1997 Til Helvete med Raga Rockers
2000 Raga Rockers
2007 Übermensch
2010 Shit Happens
2010 Faktor X

Live albums
1990 Raga Live
1995 Alive again
1995 Fritt liv
2016 Rockefeller 20.06.14

1993 The Beginning of The Raga Rockers
2005 Ragas beste 1983–2000/live roskilde 1999

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