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Ray Davies - Our Country: Americana Act II (2018)

Ray Davies - Our Country: Americana Act II (2018)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Our Country"   3:15

2. "The Invaders" (Spoken Word)   2:29

3. "Back in the Day"   2:41

4. "Oklahoma U.S.A"   4:11

5. "Bringing Up Baby"   3:10

6. "The Getaway"   5:24

7. "The Take"   4:59

8. "We Will Get There"   3:47

9. "The Real World"   3:40

10. "A Street Called Hope"   3:22

11. "The Empty Room"   3:20

12. "Calling Home"   2:36

13. "Louisiana Sky"   2:19

14. "March of the Zombies"   2:59

15. "The Big Weird"   3:34

16. "Tony And Bob"   1:10

17. "The Big Guy"   3:33

18. "Epilogue"   1:16

19. "Muswell Kills"   3:21


Ray Davies Band Members / Musicians

Ray Davies – lead vocals, guitars, piano, backing vocals, percussion, harmonica, spoken word, dropped beer glasses and broken tea cups

Bill Shanley – acoustic guitars, electric guitars, backing vocals

Gary Louris – acoustic guitars, electric guitars, backing vocals

Marc Perlman – bass, backing vocals

Tim O'Reagan – drums, backing vocals, percussion

Karen Grotberg – piano, keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals

John Jackson – mandolin, violin, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, 12-string guitar, backing vocals, percussion

Ray Davies – producer, arranger

Guy Massey – co-producer, recording and mixing

John Jackson – co-producer

Josh Green – recording and mixing

Bob Ludwig – mastering

Americana Act II is an album by English rock musician Ray Davies, released by Legacy Recordings in June 2018. It serves as a follow-up and sequel to Davies' 2017 album Americana, the album is made up of material recorded during the sessions for its predecessor, with American country rock band the Jayhawks once again contributing. As with the previous album, Americana Act II also explores the themes relating to Davies' experiences of American culture and of living and touring in the United States.

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